Restoring the look and feel of your natural teeth

Dental implants are an exciting area of dentistry. Dr. Davis and Dr. Siterlet have had extensive training in implantology. Dr. Davis has been placing dental implants since 1987 and has a success rate of 97.5%. They have used implants to help patients replace a single tooth or an entire arch. This is a procedure that is done in partnership with your dentist. Dr. Davis or Dr. Siterlet will place the implant. After a period of time to allow the bone to grow to the implant your dentist will build a crown or arch of teeth on the implant(s).

The American Academy of Periodontology has some excellent information regarding dental implants. Please CLICK HERE for a link to the AAP.

Dr. Davis and Dr. Siterlet uses implants from Zimmer Biomet. These are the best implants available and are all manufactured in the United States utilizing strict protocols for precision and sterility. You can find also find some helpful information on their web site. Please CLICK HERE for a link to the Zimmer Biomet website.

Immediate Implant

When the implant is placed at the time of tooth extraction it is referred to as an “immediate implant.” The central incisor in this photo with a crown had fractured. The tooth was removed and at the same time, an implant placed. This photo shows the implant and healing cap in place. During the healing period, the patient wore a temporary. After healing, a crown was made to restore the implant and obtain a natural appearance.

Fractured Crown

This is another immediate implant restored with a crown. The fractured root was removed and the implant placed at the same time. The goal of treatment is to preserve the gum tissues and bone so that the final restoration looks like a tooth and not a artificial replacement.

Full Arch Support

EPSON DSC picture

Implants can be used to support a denture-like appliance where there are no remaining teeth. The denture-like appliance snaps over the attachments (that can be seen here) for a secure and comfortable fit. This can eliminate the sliding and shifting that makes chewing uncomfortable and causes sore spots.

Support for a Partial

This patient only has 6 lower teeth. One of the teeth that was the support for her partial had fractured and required extraction. The remaining teeth would not have been good supports for a partial. An implant was placed at the time of the extraction. This gold abutment placed snaps to the inner surface of the modified partial and locks it into place. This treatment helped the patient avoid a full lower denture.