First Visit – FAQs

At your initial visit, Dr. Juluri will review your medical and dental history. We will also listen to any of your concerns regarding your oral health or dental care. The doctor will perform a thorough examination and will discuss the findings with you in detail. Treatment options will be discussed and the doctor will give you his recommendations. If any x-rays are needed to make a diagnosis, they will be taken. We will work with you to help you care for your mouth so that you can be an active participant in the success of your periodontal therapy.

If you have any questions regarding the findings or recommendations, the doctor or one of the staff will be happy to answer your questions or address any concerns.

Once a treatment plan is formulated, you will receive a copy of it with the fees. This information will be sent to your insurance company on your behalf so that a pre-estimate can be obtained. Dr. Juluri will send a letter to your dentist, informing him or her of the findings and treatment recommendations. He will also send copies of any x-rays that were taken so that your dentist will have that information for your chart.

One you have decided to proceed with necessary treatment, the necessary appointments can be scheduled.

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a dentist who has two to three years of additional training (residency) after four years of college and four years of dental school to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the gums and bone around the teeth. They also have special training in the placement of dental implants

Why do I need a periodontist, can’t my regular dentist treat my gums?

Many dentists and dental hygienists perform some degree of periodontal therapy. Your dentist or hygienist has recommended that you see a periodontist because you require specialized care that they are not able to provide with the level of expertise that you deserve.

Will periodontal treatment hurt?

Many people avoid necessary dental care due to fear of pain. However, due to modern techniques and medicines, periodontal treatment can be performed comfortably. Before starting any procedure, Dr. Juluri will check and make sure that the area is numb. If at any time during treatment you are uncomfortable or if you need to take a break, just raise your hand and the doctor or the assistant will do whatever is needed to make you comfortable.

How much will it cost?

After an examination, Dr. Juluri will discuss the findings with you and any treatment options that are available for you along with the associated fees. You will also receive a written treatment plan with the cost of treatment.

Will my insurance cover periodontal treatment?

The best answer for this question is that we do not know, but can find this out for you. Insurance benefits vary greatly from plan to plan and ever within one company, vary from group to group. Generally if your plan offers dental benefits, there will be some coverage for periodontal services. After a treatment plan is determined, we will submit a pre-estimate to your insurance company on your behalf. The insurance carrier will give you a written estimate of benefits.

Will you help me with my insurance forms?

Yes. As a service to you, we will provide all necessary insurance forms and any records that the insurance carrier requires.

What are your privacy practices?

Contact our office to receive a copy of our privacy practices.